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Have you ever been at crossroads during sports betting? The sports event could be horse racing or even a football match. In the case of horse racing, say about 6 horses are set to engage in a race, and you’re in a betting situation. It happens that you want to bet on one of those horses, but you are confused as to which horse to bet on as you feel 3 of those horses have a high potential to win the race.

Now, this is where Dutching or Dutch betting comes in. In such a situation, Dutching allows you make more than one selection during sports betting.

What is Dutching!

So basically, Dutching is a betting strategy that allows you back more than one outcome. The profit is shared amongst the backed outcomes, so if “one” of the backed outcomes wins, the bettor will have an overall profit!

Applying the strategy of Dutching to the horse race situation I gave in the first paragraph, the bettor is free to bet on those three horses he feels have the potential to come out winner in the said race. And in the case of a football match, the bettor could bet on several match scorelines between two teams 0-0, 1-1, 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 0-1, 0-2, 1-2 as the case might be. In the case where the match ends in any of the scores, the bettor will be in a position of profit.

Unlike the usual betting where you have to either take the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket or no basket at all, Dutching on the other hand helps you reduce the risk of losing funds and increases your chances of making profit over each bet.

In a bid to get the best out of Dutching, the bettor should note that Dutching on fewer selections pay more. Regardless of the fact that this strategy allows the bettor back a lot outcomes, the bettor shouldn’t get carried and divide his/her stake over too many outcomes. In other words, backing multiple outcomes increases your chances of winning, but lowers your winning profit.

Dutching initially began with horse race, but as time went by other forms of sport joined the rank. Football happens to be one of those sports. Contrary to popular belief, football has all it takes to be part of the Dutching community owing to its potential number of outcomes. By number of outcomes what I mean is the score market. As we all know a football match can end in any score, which makes it an ideal system for Dutching.

How Does Dutching Work?

In the case of football Dutching, say you want to bet on a game between Tottenham and Swansea. You are confident of a win for Tottenham, but you’re unsure of the score result. Football Dutching permits you to bet on several winning outcomes for Tottenham: 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, 3-2 etc.

When you’re ready to set up a correct score trade, proceed to Betfair if you already have an account and make your bet in the correct score market for that particular match.

The reader should note that in as much as Dutching and Bookmarking are strategies to make profit over bets, they are slightly different. While Dutching makes use of back bets, Bookmarking on the other hand makes use of lay bets. It’s just impossible to talk about one of this strategies without including the other.

Who are Bookmarkers and Why are They Important?

Every form of bet works with odds. This odds are offered by bookmarkers. Bookmarking is simply the art of placing several lay bets in a particular sporting event.

In the process of bookmarking, the bettor makes lay bet in regards to the current market odds. The amount of profit made for each bet is determined by its odds.

In order to make the best out of Dutching, I’d recommend the bettor choose a good bookmarker, as not all bookmarkers offer the same odds. Some offer better odds than others, and the better your odds, the better your chances of making good profit. The more reason why Betfair should be utilized as it’s known to present the best odds.

You will also be needing a Dutching calculator on Betfair. Dutching calculators save you from placing the wrong amount on each bet selection. With the Dutching calculator, you enter the price for each score predicted and set your total stake.


How To Make Dutch Betting Risk-Free

Believe it or not, dutching can actually be made risk-free!

If the bookmakers odds for a particular match meet a specific criteria (presenting an underround) then there is an opportunity to make risk free profit.  This is easier to do if the bets are spread across multiple bookmakers.

Here is an example of how I made a 3.5% return from a set stake:

Match Selection:

Juan Aurich v Sporting Cristal – 1800KO Nov. 30th 2017

BookmakerMatch OutcomeOddsStakeReturnsOverall Profit
Betfair ExchangeJuan Aurich WIN4.40£24£101.52£1.52
Marathon BetDRAW3.98£26£103.48£3.48
BoylesportsSporting Cristal WIN2.05£50£102.50£2.50

As you can see from the table above, the total amount staked is £100.

No matter the outcome of the match, the profit will be between 1.5% and 3.5%!

How I Find Dutching Opportunities

There are thousands of sporting events every single day and it is simply impossible to look at every one and calculate whether they are suitable for risk-free dutching.

Searching for these bets can be very time-consuming and tedious.

However, there is a software that facilitates the entire Dutching process, one that assists you in making calculations, and always keep you updated with the current market odds. They make the entire Dutching process faster, easier and gives the bettor an opportunity to bet at the very best odds.

A particular Dutching software that flawlessly hits the mark and that I personally use is Oddsmonkey. Now, this software saves you the stress of engaging in manual Dutching calculations, and it doesn’t end there. It also shows you how much you stand to gain from each selection, this feature helps you know which selection is more profitable and which is not.

This software when employed instantly helps you see what you stand to gain from all your selected outcomes, in a way that you come into cognizance with the profit made on each bet.

This amazing software also helps you sharpen your Dutching skill.

What are you waiting for? Why not purchase this software and start making consistent £££’s while Dutching over your favourite sporting event. I can assure that you won’t be disappointed. Thank me later!

 Check out Oddsmonkey’s Dutching Software here >>>  www.oddsmonkey.com